Testimonials from the Consciousness Development Program (CDP)

Comments from students in Australia during 2012

"... thank you again for the course. Got a lot out of it. Haven't consciously projected yet but my dreams have been very vivid."
N.W., Adelaide

"... a big thank you for your time and energy last week... I learnt heaps of stuff and I look forward to proving what was taught with my own experiences. ... The practical, no hocus pocus, approach gives you a lot of creditability as instructors... well done!"
A.W., Adelaide

"I found it useful that the instructor explained things in a down-to-earth very positive way"
G.L., Adelaide 

"Today was a day of bonding with the instructor and the students which gave me a sense of oneness, clear understanding of who we really are"
F.W., Adelaide

"I found the instructor to be engaging and uplifting. Her energy was effervescent and motivating."
T.H., Adelaide 

"I have waited a long time to find this type of instruction. Looking forward to next week."
F.W., Adelaide 

"It has been a wonderful experience for me."
F.W., Adelaide 

"This is a lifestyle change for me and one I intend pursuing ..."

"Find it all fascinating, particularly understanding different soma's and the evolutionary process."
P.D., Sydney 

"Great teachers - brilliant experience - very grateful to be afilliated with IAC and look forward to future work."
C.L., Sydney 

The following testimonials are a sample of what CDP students mention all over the world in different cities. 

"...The experience and knowledge acquired with the CDP courses enriched my life in a way that no traditional school could ever do. These courses address techniques for leaving the body in a controlled way, using our energies, and knowing the consciousness, among others..." 
- Marisela A., Miami, USA

"I appreciated the professionalism and integrity of the course instructors and enjoyed sharing the experience with the other participants. The course left me in a state of elevated awareness. It was an enriching and uplifting experience." 
- Ethel L.K., Geneva, Switzerland

"The CDP has been a real eye-opener for me. Not only did I learn how the subtle energetic body, bioenergies and consciousness function, but also how to apply useful techniques in order to initiate and prolong an out-of-body state..." 
- Heinrich M.W., Frankfurt, Germany

"I entered the IAC courses out of curiosity, not knowing they would have such a life altering effect on me. Despite the mind-blowing information, everything I was told made complete sense. I had a profound intuïtive feeling that this was the truth about life that I had been looking for. 
Two weeks after I took the first CDP module, I had my first OBE: it shook my world! Since then my life has changed in almost every aspect. I feel inspired and spiritually guided on this new journey through life." 
- Anne-Marie W., Delft, The Netherlands

"I am still applying alot of what I have learned in the CDP. I have become more conscious of how I use my time. I feel my life has a purpose - I am here to learn and evolve. My relationship with myself has improved greatly and my psychic abilities are improving too. The dedication, commitment, and professionalism of the IAC staff is inspiring."
- Grace K., Stockholm, Sweden

"...it was the first time that I have encountered a rational and scientific approach to topics such as evolution of the consciousness and out-of-body experience (...) With the help of the exercises that I have learned during the CDP courses I was able to have my first conscious projection provoked at will..."
- Alessandra L., Los Angeles, USA

"...While I was practicing with the energy work during the class, I could actually perceive the energy flow and feel that my body was purified. In addition, I could understand and actually feel that my awareness expanded through the learning of how to produce and use the OBE. I also learned how to communicate with non-physical consciousnesses, and the way to heal physical and non-physical people who need assistance."
- Student, Tokyo, Japan

"Just could not wait to tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar, it was such a profound experience. You left some very impressive memories of your speeches and thoughts with me, and I consider myself fortunate to have come across your path."
- Francesca T.D, Geneva, Switzerland

"I found it quite amazing that using the simple energy techniques taught, such as the exteriorization and absorption of energy, I could feel such big change inside of me... After the course, I continued to practice the techniques I learned from the class, and it helped me to refresh my mind and body, and the state of relaxation is lasting."
- Student, Tokyo, Japan