IAC offers a broad array of other courses and workshops which are either 3 to 6 hours in duration. Each course focuses deeply on a particular theme. While some are only open to people who have completed part or all of the Consciousness Development Program, the vast majority are open to all members of the public who have not yet taken an IAC course. The thematic courses are ideally suited for people who are interested in a specific theme but not yet ready to commit to the CDP, as well as for CDP graduates who are looking to further their knowledge and benefit from the ideas and insights that typically arise from IAC educational courses. You can read on our main website several of these specific research-developed courses; yet, some examples of these courses are:

Our Evolution
3hr short course

This three hour short course proposes logical new answers to many questions including these five classics: who am I? What am I? Where did I come from? What am I doing here? Where am I going? Life after life we accumulate innumerable experiences, construct ideas and tendencies, develop habits and little by little discover and incorporate new beliefs or knowledge into our micro(personal)-universe. This process of personal evolution results in the reality of who we are today. This course clarifies many practical points about evolution and indicates how to optimise this life and better prepare for future existences.

Evolutionary Intelligence
3hr short course

Evolutionary Intelligence is the ability to use all of our traits and resources to develop ourselves and those around us. A person with developed EI is able to find and come up with evolutionary solutions to all the problems that present themselves in life. Our evolution will be faster the more Evolutionary Intelligence we have, and thus our situation for next life will be better. Many ideas will be developed during the course, as to to help the students organise the material , leading to a clearer understanding of what EI is, how to develop and benefit from it.

6hr course

Intuition is the perception of information by non-physical means. To be psychic means to have intuition and to be able to pick-up information from the environment and others. It is also known as the sixth sense, the feminine sense, and others. Intuition is the basic tool of perception for the projector and it is the basis for the recollection of past lives, premonitory dreams, communication with helpers, telepathy, and retrocognition and precognition. During the course there will be a practical exercise to test and develop the intuition of participants. To go deeper into the subject the main scientific theories on intuition are presented and discussed. They range from physics to psychology. Become more aware, develop your intuition!

Experiencing Life
6hr course

Evolution is the acquisition and accumulation of experiences. There are different phases to the process of acquiring experiences and this determines how well (maturity) we perform a specific activity. Some experiences are rich in impact and bring changes to the person. Furthermore, the accumulation of these impactful experiences leads to a more complex, profound and evolutionary condition. Regarding past activities where you put a lot of effort in and later had to walk away from them, did you even find yourself wondering 'why did I do all that work, only to leave it in the end?' Many of them are necessary experiences to be undergone, and especially to be left behind. Having a life is all about gaining experience! 

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