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Helping you achieve your evolutionary goals

The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is at the forefront of education and research into consciousness and human evolution.

IAC was established as a result of over 40 years of rigorous investigation. More than 70 new specialties are being studied and proposed to research these key subjects. Two of these new specialties, projectiology and conscientiology, provide the most comprehensive basis for humanities leading-edge study and research of consciousness and human evolution that is available today.

IAC is a non-profit organisation that conducts and sponsors research into out-of-body experiences, [sychic and paranormal phenomena, and their implications. Our research uses the OBE and psychism to deepen our understanding of human nature and the broad scope of human abilities and also to expand the multidimensional knowledge of ourselves and the process of evolution.

Not affiliated to any political, religious or mystical organisation, IAC is an independent organisation committed to non-biased exploration and discussion of consciousness research.

Contributions from the membership program provide integral support to IAC's research, publications and educational programs. The membership program also plays a vital role in expanding our educational services to the public. When you become a member you have a more active participation in the work and research, while at the same time, receiving numerous benefits and furthering your studies of new sciences.

Associate Member ($80)

Basic Members ($160)
  • Associate benefits plus:
  • Discount on eCDP/CDP and other in-person and online courses worldwide (at least 5%)
Major Member ($190)
  • Basic Membership benefits plus:
  • Participation in monthly meetings (forthcoming benefit)
Sponsor Member ($250+)
  • Major Membership benefits
  • Sponsor members are those who wish to give an additional contribution to help support IAC’s educational and research activities.

Note: Partner options available for couples. One Journal per household.

Memberships are valid worldwide and so if you travel to a city where IAC gives courses you can still enjoy your membership benefits. 

To become a member please visit our shop page or contact us at or on +61 (02) 8005.7970.