Journal of Consciousness

The Journal of Consciousness (JofC) publishes research papers and articles related to the study of the consciousness, with the aim of deepening our understanding of consciousness. The science of conscientiology analyses the consciousness by examining its physical and its non-physical attributes (including energies, non-physical bodies, multiple existences (lives) and multidimensional communications and manifestations). As a logical extension of this, analyses in conscientiology typically incorporate parapsychic and paranormal capacities as instruments for conducting research. The lucid out-of-body experience stands out among them as an invaluable tool for advancing research into the nature of consciousness as multi-dimensional. The JofC is committed to providing a forum for the unbiased publication of research and exchange of ideas associated with these concepts.

The JofC is published by the International Academy of Consciousness in English, Spanish, and Portuguese and is the official international means of communication in the area of Conscientiology and Projectiology. It is collected by psychical research organizations, specialized libraries, researchers, and the interested public.

It is an online publication with published contributions from a spectrum of individuals, including IAC researchers and members, as well as scientists and researchers affiliated with other organizations around the world.

The JofC is an ongoing compilation of leading-edge research and is an incisive publication that keeps researchers and members up-to-date with recent theories and findings in its area of investigation. It is the ideal resource for those who wishing to study more deeply in this field of knowledge.

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