Phytoenergy Lab

The Phytoenergy laboratory or Phytolab is a state-of the art laboratory designed to facilitate the experience of sensing and distinguishing the unique characteristics of phytoenergies, the natural energies that emanate from plants and trees. Natural energies (i.e. bioenergies, subtle energies) are abundant in nature and originate from a variety of sources - in the case of phytoenergy, that source is flora or plant life.

The Phytolab is a 'lab in a tree' or 'tree lab' that is built into an actual tree, much like a child's tree-house, to maximise the experimenter's immersion in natural phytoenergies. By being enveloped in the energetic field or aura of a living, healthy tree, the investigator has an unparalleled opportunity to experience natural energies first hand, specifically phytoenergies.

A solar panel generates power for the lab's lighting, consistent with IAC's efforts to develop the research campus in a sustainable manner, and also to minimise non-natural influences, thus maximising the naturalness of the energetic field.

Great care was also taken when building the lab to minimise any harm to the tree, itself a living organism.

Since its launch in October 2008, people experimenting in this innovative laboratory noted the following results:

  • - Perception of energetic coupling with the tree
  • - Deep sense of serenity
  • - Conscious projections.