Cosmoconsciousness Lab

This laboratory is designed to facilitate expansions of consciousness and even the experience of cosmoconsciousness (cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, nirvana, samadhi, mental projection), a phenomenon that has inspired the beginnings of several of the world's religions and mystical traditions, and in some cases is even their ultimate goal. Cosmoconsciousness is one of the most impactful phenomena that can be experienced, and is truly the benchmark against which all other spiritual or psychic experiences can be measured. Cosmoconsciousness experiences occur during full or partial projections of the mentalsoma (mental body), the consciousness' most evolved and subtle body.

During a full cosmoconsciousness experience, one typically undergoes an indescribably large expansion in awareness, comprehension, and mental acuity, and has the profound sense of feeling the living presence of the universe, experiencing a connection with all living things in an indivisible unity.

The Cosmoconsciousness laboratory is a semi-spherical structure 8m (26') in diameter and 4m (13') high that has been specifically designed to facilitate expansions of the mentalsoma.  It has a uniformly painted white interior that creates a ganzfeld effect, and an adjustable visco-elastic foam bed to help the relaxation of the body. The lab also contains a specialized projector that projects a slowly-rotating image of the night sky onto the ceiling above the experimenter, helping him or her to make a rapport with more cosmic themes.

The laboratory has proven very popular since its launch in October 2007, with experimenters noting the following types of effects:

  • - Exceptional clarity of thought
  • - Ease of focusing on expanded, universalistic themes
  • - Original ideas or perspectives based on a broader, more cosmic viewpoint
  • - Perception of strong, positive energetic currents
  • - Partial or full disconnections from their physical body (induced by the strong energetic current)
  • - Increased awareness and psychic abilities for several days after using the laboratory.