A unique personal growth course that combines the insights of psychic research with practical techniques and profound self-inquiry. The CDP provides an exceptional opportunity to take your life to a new level of self-awareness and purpose.

In the CDP we work with techniques that can induce out-of-body experiences and teach energy exercises to help you get a new perspective on life and accelerate your personal growth.

The theoretical classes of the CDP provide the context for the practical exercises. They focus on the healthy integration of psychic awareness and a significant expansion of our understanding of the multidimensional (non-physical) nature of the world.

Some of the benefits and main topics of the CDP, among many others, are:

• Understanding non-physical dimensions or realities
• Having direct practical experiences in the spiritual planes
• Studying the non-physical bodies and their features
• Contacting our spirit guides and learning their characteristics
• Practicing over a dozen OBE techniques
• Development of paranormal abilities
• Losing the fear of death
• Getting information about our life purpose (or task)
• Using OBEs as a tool for assisting others
• Psychic awareness and energetic protection

A general course outline is provided below. 

Please note, the full workshop is comprised of 4 modules and runs for 5 days, but you can do only 1, 2  or 3 modules if you are not able to attend the full 5 days or if you only want to put your toes in the water and see what it's like. Contact us to find out how.


There are two types of CDP schedules that you can choose to attend:

Weekend CDP: Typically, courses in Sydney are held every couple of months and each CDP spans over three weekends. Classes run from 9am until 5pm all days except for one day where the class runs until 7:45pm.

Accelerated CDP: The entire course is held over 5 consecutive days. All days run from 9am - 5pm except one of the days which runs until 7:45pm. 

  CDP Module 1  CDP Module 2  CDP Module 3  CDP Module 4
 Class 1
Foundations for consciousness research;
Analysis of non-physical bodies
Altered states of consciousness; Paranormal phenomena; Psychic perceptions
Types of intelligence
Existential Program
Period between lives
 Class 2
Bioenergy & chakras
Techniques to develop clairvoyance & energetic control


Practical Class
OBE technique

Practical Class
OBE technique
Practical Class
OBE technique
 Class 3
Factors to optimize projective experience; Sensations related to projection

Interpersonal relationships
Intruders & Helpers
Death & dying

Holomaturity & Cosmoethics
Evolutionary levels
Homo Sapiens Serenissimus
 Class 4
Levels of lucidity, types of   projection, controlling projections, application of projections
Practical Class
OBE technique
Practical Class
OBE technique
Practical Class
OBE technique

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Experience the rewarding 40 hour course for yourself. Visit the Activity Schedule page to check out when the next CDP is going to be on in a city near you.

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