Bioenergies in Nature is a three hour workshop held during the summer months of the year and situated outdoors in
a park.

Nature provides a very supportive environment to work with our energies. Even without knowing about energy, people often seek out nature to recharge their energetic batteries. 

In this workshop you will not only gain greater experience of your own energetic body, but also explore the energetic qualities of different natural features at the venue. Energetic exchanges with trees and other plants can leave you relaxed and re-energised. They also offer a safe environment to learn about the variety of energies that we encounter every day.

In this Workshop you will learn:

- Absorption of energies from Nature
- How to distinguish different kinds of energies
- Perform energetic couplings with trees, the ground, the air, the water, etc
- How to expand your perception of your bioenergies (vital energies, chi, prana)
- Practice techniques to vitalise your energetic field
- Perform techniques for energetic balance & self-defence
- Discuss day-to-day control of bioenergies

Workshop Fee

$60 - Standard fee
$20 - Students, retirees, and welfare recipients
$0 - IAC Members

Visit the Activity Schedule page to find out when the next workshop will be on.

To attend this Workshop please contact us at or call us on +61 (02) 8005.7970.