Multidimensional Reurbanisation: Global Evolution beyond 2012 - by Kim McCaul 
The blockbuster movie 2012 showed that there is a wide fascination with the idea of a sudden, dramatic change in the world. Presently, the various interpretations of the Mayan calendar provide a convenient focal point for this fascination (Lachman, 2009). The Mayan calendar accounts for time in a number of interlinking cycles, a major one of which, the baktun, will come to a close in December 2012. For some, this gives rise to the expectation that the year 2012 will bring major physical upheavals, natural disasters, possibly disease and large-scale death and destruction.

Purchasing new or used? Energetic and cosmoethical considerations - Kim McCaul
At the end of IAC's Bioenergies in Nature workshop, after everybody has given their energetic body a good workout, participants talk through a list of 21 tips on how to manage their psychic energy in their everyday life. One of the items causes regular comment. The tip in question points out the importance of being mindful of the energetic baggage that may accompany second hand items, especially clothing and jewelry. It queries whether we are aware of the fact that we  may be carrying another's energetic burden when wearing such item. Frequently, someone in the group will explain their preference for second hand clothing from an environmental and ethical point of view.