CDP ADVANCED 1: Self-Knowledge

A Take some time-out from your day-to-day life and seize the opportunity to perform a fresh, holistic self-evaluation. This three day workshop will provide the context for you to consider yourself as a consciousness (individual essence, intelligent principle, soul) who is using the current life as a chance for evolution.

What is the 'CDP Advanced 1: Self-Knowledge' course?

The main objective of this course is for students to arrive at individual and specific insights regarding themselves and their existential program (life tasks, life mission).

Instead of studying theories, this self-knowledge workshop is very practical. Its focus is on deeply understanding ourselves, and being an active participant in self-study, thereby coming into closer contact with our evolutionary reality.

Who Attends the Advanced 1 has the chance to:

- Apply techniques for mentalsomatic development
- Become aware of personal strong traits that could be better used
- Become aware of personal weak traits that are hindering our progress
- Discover the direction of our own existential program, or life purpose
- Plan strategies to recycle and refocus your life
- Enhance our interaction with the extraphysical helpers
- Discover reasons for the lack of progress in our bioenergetic and projective development.

Advanced 1 Prerequisite:

CDP4 (module 4 of the Core CDP course) is a prerequisite for Advanced 1.

If you completed the CDP more than 9 months ago, we strongly recommend you retake CDP3 and CDP4 prior to Advanced 1 in order to maximize the benefit you take from it.

To find out when the next course will be given contact us at or call us on +61 (02) 8005.7970.